Thursday 31 July 2014

Hotels - are you getting your four a week?

This arrived by email from TripAdvisor today...

Sounds a lot doesn't it? Until we remind ourselves that there are currently 1073 hotels listed for London. So that is 3.4 reviews per hotel.

If you are getting less than four reviews a week you need to look hard at your Review Management. For three key reasons:

  1. Numbers (volume of reviews) matter. Read this article
  2. If you are not proactively inviting reviews you are leaving your reputation in the hands of dissatisfied guests (who are far more likely to write a review unprompted than satisfied guests, by a factor of 15:1)
  3. For larger hotels the numbers need to be proportionatly higher. We estimate the average London hotel has just under 100 rooms, so if your hotel has 300 rooms your benchmark needs to be 12 review a week

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