Wednesday 30 July 2014

Using Facebook to engage with guests - a cautionary tale

Those in hospitality thinking that Facebook may be a viable alternative to TripAdvisor might like to delve deeper into this story (Warning! Not for the faint of heart or those offended by bad language):

Points to remember:
  1. Facebook is a recurring two-way street, unlike TripAdvisor the 'reviewer' can comment multiple times
  2. Anyone else can join in: friends of the 'reviewer', any online passers-by
  3. Stories like this have a habit of spreading backwards to more conventional media, in this case to TripAdvisor
Somewhat bizarrely, despite all this, there are still 7 'Speciality lodgings' in Glasgow ranked worse than Bluesky! 

Our (narrow) take on Facebook and other social media...

If you want to attract gushers and ranters, then social media is fine; if you wnat to know what your serious customers think, then you need to give them a channel where they can comment in private (and be assured of getting a response).

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