Sunday 20 July 2014

Hotels and TripAdvisor - why numbers matter for your ranking - and RevPAR

One aspect of the research we do for you, our clients, involves looking very closely at the numbers, in this case the numbers of reviews written about hotels, to see if there is any correlation between this and their ranking on TripAdvisor.

In the table that follows we have taken hotels that rank across the spectrum, established the number of reviews each has and then divided that by the number of rooms. This gives a figure that enables us to fairly compare any hotel with another. 

Ranking       Reviews per room per year 

Top 10          7.4

Top 25          4.3

Top 50          2.2

75                 1.4

100               1.1

250               0.7

500               0.5

750               0.3

The key question is: can we draw any conclusions from these numbers?

Yes. The more reviews you can get the better your ranking will be.

For every hotel? Yes. in one of two ways:
  • You can invest in better facilities and staff training and invite reviews, or...
  • You can invest a fraction of that amount in a professional review management system and invite reviews
Dialogue will:
  • get you more positive reviews to TripAdvisor (at least 25% more - based on results for our clients)
  • enable you to manage at least 75% of the negative reviews you are currently receiving before they are ever posted to TripAdvisor
So, without any radical restructuring in-hotel, you begin to get more positive reviews per year per room, and your ranking begins to climb.

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