Wednesday 18 August 2010

How To Use Customer Reviews To Market Your Business

This is a well written, 'must read'  article from Gail Goodman for anyone interesting in marketing their businesss. She keeps it simple and down to earth and gives great advice.

Increasingly, consumers are searching for reviews before they commit their dollars to buying products, booking services or donating to a charity. They want to read a positive review or comment, expressed in your customers' own words.
Sharing customer success stories demonstrates how you deliver on your brand promise in the real world, with real people. A positive customer review resonates in a way that other marketing efforts just can't. It conveys more than honesty.....
 She goes on to offer 9 tips for businesses to get and use great reviews for their businesses
1.    Make it easy for customers to give great reviews
2.    Find out where your customers are already posting reviews
3.    Ask for reviews across multiple channels
4.    Survey customers after a sale
5.    Note: Customers must give these reviews freely
6.    Spread the word and get more people talking
7.    Post success stories wherever you promote your products and services
8.    Customer-centric stories make compelling content
9.    Listen to what customers are saying about you (the good and the bad)

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