Sunday 15 August 2010

How word-of-mouth fuels e-mail campaigns

 Customer reviews and other forms of word of mouth make great fodder for e-mail campaigns.
International apparel brand Boden crafted a post-purchase e-mail that went to each customer upon placing an online order with direct links to review submission forms and in four months, 90% of Boden's products had been reviewed. 
eSpares, the UK's largest appliance spare parts retailer, found that a link to customer reviews in e-mails outperformed all other links in its e-mail, including other text-based links and a “buy now” button. In addition, incremental traffic to the Web site from the “read reviews” link ended up generating additional revenue, 2.5 times that sold through the “buy now” button.
Urban Outfitters took customer reviews and personas one step further.....   More

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