Wednesday 18 August 2010

The Indignant Diner Who Went Too Far

A Web Campaign to Smear the Mussel Bar.

A diner who goes by the handle, “Anna” (or sometimes “Anu”) has been strafing the landscape with essentially the same comment. She has posted it on Zagat, Urbanspoon, CultureMob, Metrocurean, Yelp (where it’s been filtered), and even our, (the Washington City Paper's) little blog. Here’s the gist of it:
The food is ok..overpriced yes but ok. The reason for low rating is the service we received from none other than restaurant manager and owner.
 I plan on telling everyone about how little he thinks of his patrons. I am also a writer so you can bet this is what’s on my mind and where my writing energies will go.
And so she did.  Read full story

Wouldn't have happened had she'd been in the UK and posted on HelpHound because Resolution™would have given the business the opportunity to respond before she was able to post her negative review

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