Wednesday 16 May 2018

The 20/30 effect

When we are asked what HelpHound is all about there is, as is often the case with B2B services, a complex answer that includes all the bells and whistles (compliance, SEO etc.) and then a really simple one. 

Here's HelpHound's 'simple answer':

"It's the 20/30 effect"

Let us explain - simply...

Adopting HelpHound will mean that you see results like these...

...within weeks.

See the 20/30 effect? Actually, in this case, it's 18/27 (18% uplift in calls/27% uplift in visits). 

It can be even better...

...but we cannot, for obvious reasons, guarantee that (+169%/+950%!). What we can guarantee is that your business will see an uplift.

So: that's our core pitch to you - HelpHound will drive more business through the web to your door, safely and compliantly*.

*For more on 'safely' read 'Taking the 'Fear' out of inviting reviews' below. For a full explanation of the compliance issues surrounding reviews read 'Compliance' below.

Further reading:

There's more, much more, but we are not going to confuse the issue by going into any more detail here. If you would like to read more about what we do there are more than 700 articles on this blog. Here are just a few important ones...
  • Curchods - a case history. What happened when  one of the South East's most respected estate agent joined HelpHound
  • LDC Heating - another case history - and some truly astonishing results!
  • Compliance - an analysis of the CMA regulations surrounding reviews (and why so many businesses are in breach of them)
  • Deflection - what happens when a business uses a reviews site (as opposed to Google)
  • Scoring 4.0 is not enough - why you need to score north of 4.7 on Google to succeed
  • Taking the 'Fear' out of inviting reviews - no-one, least of all the consumer, is helped by factually inaccurate or potentially misleading reviews

...but the simple answer is to speak to one of us so we can relate what we do for our other clients to your business.

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