Wednesday 6 April 2016

Me, me, me - and how to get reviews

'Me, me, me'? 

It's 'Me' time now!

That is how one of our most successful estate agent client's subject line reads in the email they send out asking for reviews.

The inference is plain: that they have worked hard to sell/find/let the client's property and now it's 'Me' time. Time for the client to help the agent by writing a review to Dialogue and then copying it to Google.

Will this approach work for you?

Yes. But only if you have prepared the ground and warned your client to expect to write both reviews. It is absolutely no good sending any kind of email inviting reviews out-of-the-blue. Your client needs to know - in advance:
  • Writing those reviews - both of them - is part-and-parcel of the way you do business
  • Which should be explained when you first meet - as part of your pitch: "We ask all our clients to write a review on our website and to copy that review to Google"
  • And reinforced at every touch-point by every member of your staff when they or your business are paid a compliment: "Please remember to mention that when you write your review"

N.B. This approach will only work with 'current and ongoing' clients. It relies on the client expecting the email. And it still requires a follow-up phone call to be really effective. If you are a new HelpHound client and you are approaching recent clients who will know nothing of your new review management policy you will need to phone each and every one of them to explain why you need the reviews. 

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