Friday 29 April 2016

Estate Agency clients - ensure you are up-to-date with our thinking

If you joined even a year ago - and certainly if you have been a member for longer - there will be some aspects of our thinking that have moved on. This article is designed as a checklist so you can be sure you are making the very best of Dialogue.


We never lose sight of the prime purpose of Dialogue: to drive business your way. With this in mind we speak to clients frequently to understand exactly how Dialogue is working for them. The following are almost all lessons learned by your fellow clients and relayed to us. 

First and foremost, understand the journey your potential client is making. It's covered in detail here, but its essence is simple:

"Looking great on Google drives them to your website, looking great on your own site drives them through your door."

If you read no further, and that is the only message you take away from this article, then we've achieved three-quarters of our objective.
Now: on to more detail...

  • Visibility: make your reviews as visible as possible - because they can only drive business if they are seen. Front and centre of your home page. If you bury them behind a tab or on a separate page they lose their impact. 

  • Add impact by describing why you adopted HelpHound: potential clients love openness and often mention how surprised - and then reassured - they are that our clients are so confident 
  • Test: test positioning. Place a module on the pages of your website that gets the most visits after your home page.

  • Feed reviews to the Portals: everyone knows that potential clients check out agencies on the main portals - so display your reviews there.

  • Display your reviews: Creative use of your reviews in your window display, your advertising and all your marketing literature attracts attention.
  • Always respond to reviews: wherever they are; on your Dialogue module or on Google. It takes a matter of minutes and it sends a very strong message: that you care. It is also certain that those tempted to post exaggerated negative comments are given pause if they see that you will respond.

Speak to us. Karen and her team are here for you, please use them.

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