Friday 20 June 2014

Responding to reviews - Feedback Manager helps with morale

We were speaking to a client the other day and they highlighted aspects of Feedback Manager that we haven't really broadcast, here's a synopsis of what they said...

  1. We were not employed (in hospitality) for our excellent written English. Knowing that your moderators will write great English every time is greatly reassuring
  2. We knew we should be replying to all our reviews on TripAdvisor, but sometimes there just did not seem to be enough hours in the day; knowing that they are replied to properly and professionally, day-in, day-out, enables us to rest easy and concentrate on providing a great guest experience
  3. We can now use reviews positively to drive best practice throughout the hotel, rather than being upset by the negatives and going into a form of denial about the issues raised in them: it's so much easier to read reviews objectively once they have been responded to by HelpHound
  4. We had our doubts when you promised you would consult us about issues raised by guests so your responses would be accurate, but you do and they are

All in all, the hotel is saying that the job we are doing is as good as, if not better than, the job they would have done themselves if they had the time. They are also saying that their morale is improved as a result.

If you don't currently have Feedback Manager and would like a no-obligation trial just email Karen Hutchings -

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