Sunday 26 January 2014

Five questions hoteliers ask

There's an awful lot to Dialogue, but the core can be boiled down into the answers to five basic questions that we always asked when we first meet a client:

The Five Questions:

Question 1: Will our rankings and scores improve? 

A: Yes: Dialogue will get you more positive reviews and less negative reviews to TripAdvisor (and/or Google), less negative comments to and the other OTAs. This will begin to impact your rankings and scores immediately you join.

Question 2: Will we get more repeat guests?

A: Yes: Guests return to your hotel either because (a) they enjoyed their stay or (b) because you were able to address whatever issue they had when they last stayed. Resolution™ enables you to address those issues.

Question 3: Will we get more direct bookings

A: Yes: Guests book direct because they feel confident; Dialogue gives them that confidence.

Question 4: Will we be able to negotiate better rates with our corporate clients? 

A: Yes: Your corporate clients want to know that their employees or clients will be happy with their choice of hotel. How your hotel is ranked and scored is a big part of that.

Question 5: Will Dialogue make us money?

A: Yes: Better rankings and scores + more repeat guests + more direct bookings + better corporate rates = more profit

The answers to these five questions, especially number 5, explain why our client retention is so very high. How high? We'll tell you when we meet (to publish the number here might be to tempt fate, and our CEO is mildly superstitious).

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