Wednesday 15 January 2014

For new clients: Hotels - what will happen when you join?

Every client is different and the results they (and you) will want to achieve will be subtly different, but the following is a good guide (and a useful checklist):
  1. Your relative ranking on TripAdvisor will improve
  2. Your Google score will improve
  3. Your scores on sites like and will improve
  4. You will get lots of great reviews to show on your own website
  5. You will get less (far less) negatives on TripAdvisor, Google and the other sites
  6. We will get you more great reviews on TripAdvisor (unless you'd rather they went to Google)
  7. Your guest retention rates will rise
  8. You will get really valuable detailed feedback from your guests

All of which should lead to...

  • A positive impact on rates - and an increase in GoPPAR
  • An increase in occupancy
  • An increase in direct bookings
  • An increase in staff satisfaction

If you add Feedback Manager (and Feedback Manager Plus)...

  • All your guest reviews will be responded to immediately and professionally
  • Any 'unfair' or 'misleading' reviews to TripAdvisor and Google will be appealed


Dialogue is so much more than just a very effective review management system; we will support you throughout your membership to ensure that you make the very best of the opportunities it presents; from initial design and implementation, through staff training on implementation. You will have your own dedicated business member adviser to help and advise

In summary:

You will be employing the most effective review management system available, backed up by a dedicated team of professionals who will ensure you get the very best results from you membership.

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