Friday 20 September 2013

Estate agents - getting the very best response

We never stop learning, and that learning comes mostly from our clients. Here we pass on some tips on how to get the best response from your clients..
  1. Introduce Dialogue at the very first contact with your potential clients: not only does this prepare them for the invitation to review later on, it actually enhances your chances of gaining the instruction. Why? Because clients really like the idea that they will be asked to review your service, it indicates (a) your confidence that the service will be first class and (b) that you take client feedback very seriously - both great positives in the mind of your prospective client which may easily tip the balance in your favour
  2. Send the invitation to review from their main point of contact (usually the negotiator): not from the office manager, your PA or someone the client has had little or no contact with
  3. Follow the email with a phone call: reviews are important to you, so a call to say "Please do write your review, we really value your opinion." is not just a way to maximise response, it will be viewed as great client service as well
That's the 'process' part dealt with, what about the format of your Dialogue module itself?
  1. Don't ask too many questions: this is becoming very clear indeed, a maximum of five, after which response rates fall dramatically. It's important to stay focused on the objective of Dialogue: to get your clients to rate your service and write a review - that can be achieved with one question (overall opinion) and the review box!
  2. If you want to combine a CRM questionnaire with Dialogue: do it as an optional extra (ask Karen - she'll show you how), don't extend the Dialogue questions themselves (by number or length)
  3. Don't: ask for the client's name: remember you sent them the email. If they don't identify themselves in the response our moderators will do that for you
  4. Do: ask if they would be happy to recommend you: potential clients like to see that
 And in sales?
  1. Increasing enquiries: Dialogue drives enquiries through your website, it gives prospective clients the confidence to contact you
  2. Again: introducing the fact that you will be inviting a review - the first time you meet a prospective client - is being seen as a big positive; it will help you get that instruction
  3. Drawing potential clients' attention to your reviews further enhances your chances of gaining the instruction - sometimes one individual review can address the key issue that will tip the balance

And finally: remember that many businesses spend thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours focusing on just this kind of customer research and feedback, don't begrudge the odd phone call to achieve the same result. 

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