Monday 7 October 2013

Control - the key to managing your reputation

Our clients know why they adopted Dialogue - for hotels it's higher rankings on the OTAs and more direct bookings, for estate agents it's more enquiries and a higher conversion rate. For all our clients it's 'more business'.

An they are be right. But overarching all of this is the control* Dialogue gives our clients over their reputations.

Used properly Dialogue replaces all the online media (review sites, forums, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and the rest) as the preferred channel of communication for their customers. They simply don't feel the need to criticise you in public any more; better than that, they actively welcome the resolution process embedded in Dialogue.

Think for yourself: you stay at a hotel, the location's great (you chose it, after all), the room was fine (maybe it could have been a little bigger), but there was an issue that, if left unaddressed by the hotel, would prevent you staying again. You use an estate agent, but you have an issue with a member of staff which may turn into a deal-breaker. How much better if those issues could be resolved and you could continue using those businesses that you already know?

You (the business) might say 'but they could have phoned/emailed me - they didn't need Dialogue' and that's exactly what we thought three years ago; but history and first-hand experience has shown us both to be wrong. These days consumers are increasingly conditioned to voice complaints online, and they will (as you know). If you don't offer them a mechanism like Dialogue you are effectively forcing them to use sites like TripAdvisor, Google+, Yelp, AllAgents and the rest. So they have to be offered an online alternative that they welcome.

Dialogue is that alternative. And we've proved it time and again: adopt Dialogue and the negative noise dies away.

Dialogue: keeping consumer communication where it should be - direct with the business.

*And one important post script: The word 'control' sometimes has negative overtones for consumers; there's nothing negative contained in Dialogue - quite the opposite - because every step of the way they retain control of the conversation, they always feel comfortable bringing their issues to you: your customers actively welcome Dialogue.

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