Thursday 17 October 2013

Now your guests get the FIRST word on TripAdvisor

You heard it here first: TripAdvisor have thrown away their Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)*, which we thought was one of the best things they'd introduced in an age.

*Update 23/10/13 - it's back! Did they listen to us?

Not only that, they've introduced your latest guest review, right at the top of your listing...

Deleting the CSI

A retrograde step. The CSI, like's score, was useful and fair to everyone. Ranking hotels, especially in large cities like London or New York is misleading to the consumer (a great hotel can rank at 200 in London, a pretty average hotel can rank in the top 5 in a country town) and unhelpful to the business.

We have racked our brains and cannot think of a single logical reason for dropping it.

Showing your most recent review

Great if it's a 5* like the one for the Strand Palace above - not so great if it's 3 stars or worse. Definitely not great if the snippet TA's computer chooses refers to anything like 'noise', 'a sleepless night' or worse. Right up there to catch the potential guest's eye. All research indicates that immediate first impressions count massively - a potential guest can be driven away from your TripAdvisor listing in less than two seconds.

Fancy seeing this at the top of your TA listing?

Ironically, the only people we can see who will benefit from this move are our clients! It's now even more important to make sure negative reviews don't make it as far as Tripadvisor.

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