Thursday 5 September 2013

Hotels - 10 reasons to join HelpHound today

Well, 9 + 1 actually...

  1. If you have a great online reputation: 
  2. If you have a good online reputation - and you want to improve it
  3. If you think your online reputation is unfair - and you want to improve it
  4. If you want more repeat stays
  5. If you want to pay less OTA commission
  6. If you want to understand exactly what your guests think of your hotel
  7. If you want a great communications channel with your guests
  8. If you want to minimise negative noise on social media
  9. If you want more bookings from visitors to your website
  10. If you want to save on our fees!
Lets look at each in turn:

Great online reputation

You run a really special hotel, and you get very few one and two star reviews (maybe none!). But you are aware that you don't have 100% guest loyalty and you'd like to improve that: Dialogue will enable you to convert guests who might otherwise never stay again into long-term loyal guests. How? By enabling you to address the issue(s) that they bring to you.

On top of this Dialogue will ensure that you maintain (and improve) your already great reputation.

Good online reputation

As well as all the above, Dialogue will rapidly improve your online reputation. See here.

Unfair reputation

You work hard to provide a great experience at a competitive rate, but you are subject to a 'drip' of negative reviews that are harming your ability to maintain RevPAR. Dialogue will address this - right away: by getting you more positive reviews and by enabling you to address negatives in private, before they are posted somewhere where they'll do you harm.

Repeat stays

The lifeblood of most seriously profitable hotels. But most don't know when they are at risk of losing a loyal guest to a competitor. Dialogue will tell you when a guest is wobbling. One of our clients had a 1* review in Dialogue three weeks ago and the guest mentioned that they were a frequent stayer but were unhappy, when the issue was resolved their final posted review was a 4*, they then returned to the hotel and posted a 5* review in Dialogue and on TripAdvisor after that visit.

Less commission  

Dialogue gives guests the confidence to book direct with you. They don't need to visit TripAdvisor or the OTAs to read reviews: you are displaying enough credible reviews to make that an unnecessary waste of their time.

Understanding your guests and communicating with them

Well - that's an exaggeration; it's more like 'understanding enough of your happy guests and almost all your unhappy ones.' But they're the ones that matter. Dialogue provides a two-way communications channel that your guests will use.

Minimising negative noise on social media 

You email your guest inviting their comment. Do they still need to post something negative on FaceBook or Google+? Do they still need to tweet? 

More direct bookings

We've said it before and we'll say it again: credible reviews on your website drive direct bookings.


Saving on fees

We're going to make it really easy for you to try Dialogue between now and the end of October. Call us now and find out how! 


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