Friday 26 April 2013

Hotels: Why we moderate reviews

As our clients know, all reviews posted through Dialogue are moderated. Here we discuss the rationale behind this, but first, read this article...

We all probably had a good laugh when we first saw this story (it has gone viral - worldwide), but behind it is a very serious point: if this can be done for a homeless hostel in Glasgow, how can anyone seriously suggest that consumers - your potential guests - should give credence to any hotel's listing on TripAdvisor?

Next to this article in the Independent is a link to a much more serious story about a hotelier who was very nearly put out of business by a genuine review leading to her establishment being red flagged by TripAdvisor.

It's why we properly moderate all our clients' reviews. Let's see what would have happened if both these had been HelpHound clients...

The hostel:

Aside from the fact that they wouldn't have been a HelpHound client in the first place, the chances of a single 'hoax' review getting through our moderation system would have been negligible - our verification process would see to that, end of story.

The 'red flagged' hotel:

Our moderators would have contacted the hotel and the poster for verification. It's quite common for guests to post reviews 'in hotel' these days, and why shouldn't they? In the article the hotel's owner states that she was forced to slash rates from £125 to £40 - that was in 2011 - they're still at £60 today, without the red flag.

In summary...

Moderation ensures your reviews are credible. Moderation benefits everyone concerned: your hotel and your guest. Displaying credible reviews on your website means that your potential guests have a reliable source of information where they and you need it most - on your site.

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