Tuesday 27 August 2013

TripAdvisor Ranking - biggest ever weekly jump for a client

Eleven (Yes - 11) places. 

In the crowded London market - 1073 hotels - this is a massive increase in a single week. 

Here we examine how it was achieved...

First - they had no new negative reviews

Second - they had nineteen positive reviews (15 five star, 4 four star) and only one average (3 star) review

Third - they did better by comparison with their immediate competitors 

Fourth - the average review - 4.7 - was much higher than their long-term historical average (which is 4.17).

We know that TripAdvisor disregards historical reviews (our educated guestimate is that reviews over 18 months old are no longer included in TripAdvisor's ranking algorithm - recent comment by Brian Panea of TripAdvisor indicates that this may be as short as 6-12 months; he stressed the importance of (a) volume and (b) recent reviews. So: replacing reviews with an average score of 4.17 with reviews with a higher average score means - all other influences being equal* - a higher ranking.

*The main influences on a hotel's TripAdvisor ranking fall into two categories:

Those the hotel can influence: 
  1. The quality of their own reviews
  2. The volume of their own reviews
Those the hotel cannot directly influence:
  1. The quality of their competitors' reviews
  2. The volume of their competitors' reviews
So - the strategy for an ever-higher ranking has to be:
  • Run a great hotel - with every effort focused on a great guest experience
  • Encourage satisfied guests to post reviews to TripAdvisor
  • Encourage dissatisfied guests to communicate directly - not via TripAdvisor

Our client (black line) against its two nearest competitors over the last 3 months - and the news would have been even better if their PMS hadn't failed to email for a week at the beginning of August (see down-tick above). We'll keep you posted on progress.

And this is just what the hotel in question has done with Dialogue

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