Monday 2 September 2013

Proof - and Proof again!

If there was ever a doubt about the effect that Dialogue has on a hotel's online reputation the following chart dispels it once and for all...

The chart to end all charts

This charts the TripAdvisor rankings of three very similar hotels, only one a client. The first thing you see is how well our client hotel has performed since adopting Dialogue (up 15 ranking places last two weeks alone, see the previous post). How? Because the negatives that would otherwise have been posted to TripAdvisor have been sent direct to them instead - in private.

And - as if that wasn't enough - for six days at the beginning of August there was a glitch in their PMS which meant that the Dialogue email was unable to be sent. And guess what? Some negatives were posted to TripAdvisor - resulting directly in down-tick at that time (the negatives weren't being diverted, the invitation to post their positive reviews wasn't being sent).

So - here is positive proof in both directions: Dialogue implemented: ranking up, Dialogue suspended: ranking down, Dialogue reinstated: ranking up, again.  


During the period in question (three months from May-August):

86 negative reviews have been managed in Dialogue, and only 2 have gone on to be published

26 positive more reviews have been posted to TripAdvisor - as a direct consequence of Dialogue

Additional NOTE (1.3.14): Exactly the same has happened for another client, and during the time emailing was suspended positive reviews to TripAdvisor fell by 47%.

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