Thursday 8 August 2013

Dialogue - value for money

Dialogue will:
  • Make you feel great
  • Make your staff feel great
  • Make your hotel look great - all over the web
  • Make your hotel look great - on your own website
  • Make your hotel look great - against its competitors 
  • Prove you care about your guests' opinions
  • Get your TripAdvisor ranking up
  • Get your (and other OTA) scores up
  • Get great feedback from guests
  • Deflect negatives from TripAdvisor
  • Deflect negatives from and all the other OTAs
  • Deflect negatives from Facebook, Google Local and Twitter
Dialogue will do all the above, but that's not why the overwhelming majority of our clients first invest in Dialogue. They buy Dialogue because:

  • They want repeat bookings
  • They want direct bookings

In a word: they want to improve profitability

Let's examine those last two points in more detail:

Getting repeat bookings

In order to be sure of welcoming a guest back to your hotel you need to sure that they are happy. Experienced hoteliers have a 'feel' for a happy guest, but they all admit that they can never be sure. 

With Dialogue you can be sure - the overwhelming majority of guests, given the opportunity to let you know (in private) that they "would stay again, if..." will do so through Dialogue.

Getting direct bookings

Many, many guests book through OTAs for one simple reason: they were led there by sites like TripAdvisor after they first visited to read reviews

If you show credible guest reviews on your website you will satisfy that need.

With Dialogue you get repeat bookings and you get direct bookings

With Dialogue you get increased profitability

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