Tuesday 20 August 2013

Just one example of guest retention

As our clients know, HelpHound is about much more than just online reputation. A big part of Dialogue's role is to enable our clients to know if any of their guests is unhappy with any aspect of the service they have received.

Here is a recent example of the interchange between the guest, the hotel and HelpHound through Dialogue...

The guest (a frequent stayer) responds to the 'invitation email':

"...We woke up at 7.30 am with workmen outside our windows cutting into concrete - this made a huge racket so we had to close our windows and shutters for the privacy and noise. We were unable to rest in the afternoons after spending all day walking in London so all in all we weren't as happy as we usually have been in the past." And: "...We are booked in again on the 18th until 21st August when we leave to return home to South Africa."

HelpHound responds...

"Thank you for your review which has been placed in Dialogue. This is a process that we use to allow [hotel] to respond to the points you have made in your post before it goes live, after which you will be invited to make a final post.

We will make sure that [hotel] reservations receives notice of your review before you return to the hotel."

The guest responds...

"...we have had a really restful night. Both my husband and I appreciate your constructive intervention and it has restored my faith in [hotel]. We will definitely return."  

And there's more...
It is interesting to note that in seven out of the last ten reviews for this hotel the guest refers (unprompted) to their intention to stay again:

"...want to come again"

"I have stayed at the [hotel] about 15 times now and I believe that the service is better than ever before. Next time (next week) I hope I can tell the same as today."

"Unable to find fault at all. All services were excellent, looking forward to a return."

"Very enjoyable stay. Would stay here again."

"We have tried other hotels, but the [hotel] works best for us."

"All in all, good experience and would stay there again."

"See you in three weeks."

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