Tuesday 30 January 2018

Trump's gold toilet - come on Facebook...

...if Yelp can do it, so can you.

When President Trump asked the Guggenheim Museum for a Van Gogh, they offered him a Gold Toilet; but that's not the reason the story made the jump from mainstream media to the HelpHound blog. We are interested in reviews (surprise!) and, more importantly, reliable reviews that accurately reflect the business or institution under review. 

So how does this story fit in? Well, the keyboard warriors from both sides of the American political divide weighed in, on social media of all kinds and on reviews sites

We were interested to see how the sites reacted. Here's Yelp:

And the one review that slipped through their net...

They have not always been consistent in applying such good judgement - read this. But in this case - we say 'good for Yelp'.

How about Facebook?

Not so good...

30k 1* reviews from pro-Trumpers, and goodness knows how many of the 16k 5* reviews are anti-Trumpers kicking back ? Are these useful to anyone? We tend to side with Emma Puente (see her review above) on this one. Reviews sites should be for reviews, if they become vehicles for political views, of any colour or stripe, then their core value is diminished.

Interestingly there is only one 'pro-Trumper' on TripAdvisor (perhaps reflecting that site's decreasing reach) and none on Google (almost certainly reflecting that fact that people are reluctant to have their 'private' rants exposed through such a visible channel).

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