Tuesday 10 January 2017

Purplebricks in the news again - our take on agents' comments

Here's the article on PIE. We suggest you read it first, then we want to focus on some of the comments made by agents. Here we go:

Point: agents should respond with their own 'propaganda' - their clients' opinions of their service - on their own websites and on Google. If you, like the agent who made the comment above, have 15 years' of blameless trading under your belt you should have no problem inviting and displaying them with confidence and credibilty.


 If a potential client visits your site and sees a significant number of independently verified reviews how much more likely are they to ignore other agents' marketing and pick up the phone?

Point: Boards are great, but agents should acknowledge that the first port-of-call for fee-earners these days is the web, even if the boards have made a great first impression. Looking great there - with great reviews and rich snippets and a great Google score - should be a high priority.

 It doesn't matter how the potential client finds out about you - board, local reputation, referral, personal knowledge, previous client, sponsorship, advertising, PR - they will invariably search for you on Google. When they do you want to look like this

Point: without knocking specific sites, regular readers will know what we think about independent review sites - if you don't you can read this - and that we advise our clients to focus on looking great where it matters most: on their own sites and on Google.

To summarise

By adopting professional review management you will ensure a safe and steady flow of reviews to the locations on the web that matter - your own site and Google. 

Results: your should notice the difference immediately. You can't possibly get the instruction without the enquiry, and looking great in these two locations will drive enquiries - guaranteed.

How could a review like this not result in phone calls - and support commission rates?

On top of that you will have a cast-iron resource to refer to when the subject of fees is raised - what better justification for your fees than your clients' own comments.

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