Wednesday 23 March 2016

Hotel Marketing Trends 2016: our Commentary

ReviewPro released their annual survey today, and, as usual, their findings make very interesting reading. Here we address those aspects that touch specifically upon reviews and review management.


HelpHound's Dialogue™ provides all of the first three and five and six. So if:
  • Great online traveler reviews - and rankings and scores - everywhere
  • Increasing repeat business
  • Increasing direct bookings
  • Differentiating from competition, and 
  • Online reputation management overall...
 ...matter to you, you should be a HelpHound client. No solution enables you to manage the front-end of reviews like HelpHound's Dialogue™. Increased positive reviews, reduced negative reviews, on your own website, on TripAdvisor, on and on Google: in fact: everywhere your potential guest is looking. Guaranteed.

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Is there a property on the planet that would rather sell a room through an OTA when they can sell the same room direct and commission-free? We are not saying that OTAs don't have a role to play, but that hoteliers should be looking to maximise revenue through effective review management. Dialogue is a key tool in your box where maximising GOPPAR is concerned.

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Any given hotel will look better by adopting Dialogue™. Guaranteed. We guarantee you will receive more positive reviews (because we will ensure more of your happy guests write them) and less negative reviews (because your unhappy guests will communicate with you privately through Dialogue rather than posting a 3, 2 or 1 star review in public).

So: what is stopping you? Cost? We will demonstrate that by adopting Dialogue you will cover its cost so many times over the decision to adopt it will be the single most important one you make in 2016; just invite us in.

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