Monday 28 March 2016

Google My Business: useful links and pointers

Clients should always refer to HelpHound client services if in any doubt at all, but here is an overview of various useful links and pages relating to Google My Business (GMB) and reviews.

Please note: the screenshots are just that - the links won't work. If you want to mine deeper click on the header, that will take you to the relevant Google My Business page with all the live links.

Get reviews on Google

Flag and Fix inappropriate reviews

Reply to Reviews on Google

The title of this section - bulk locations - is slightly misleading: it is simply about replying to Google reviews.

Business descriptions on Google Maps

  • Review snippets (also called 'rich snippets')
  • Hotel review snippets - an expanded version of the above
And, importantly:

The Google My Business (GMB) Advertiser Community

Firstly: you can ignore the word 'Advertiser' in the title; it for everyone, regardless of whether you are currently engaged in PPC. This is an active member's community and forum. Frequented by users and Google staffers alike. As with any forum, you should not act on any advice unless you can verify the source (again - speak to us if in any doubt).

Covering important topics such as:
  • Basics for Business Owners
  • Claiming your GMB page
  • Getting your business verified
We hope this helps. But it is only intended as a brief guide. Karen and her team at HelpHound client services are always there to provide you with specific advice.

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