Thursday 21 May 2015

Review Management: How does you business score?

Take this test -  those businesses that fail it risk failing in a much wider examination: under the critical gaze of their potential customers.

By the way - the test assumes your business has reviews - if it does not, you fail before even embarking; don't for a minute start congratulating yourself (as so many do): without reviews your business has no presence in the online court of consumer opinion.

Which business looks a) 'engaged' b) 'professional' and, most important of all: c) 'great in the eyes of its clients'?

So - ten questions for you:
  1. Has your business has been reviewed (anywhere) online?
  2. Has your business been reviewed on Google?
  3. Do you respond to all your reviews on a specialist site (e.g TripAdvisor, AllAgents)?
  4. Do you respond to all your reviews on Google?
  5. Do you host independently verified reviews on your own website?
  6. Do you have a formal mechanism for getting customers to post reviews to a specialist site?
  7. Do you have a formal mechanism for getting customers to post reviews to Google?
  8. Do you have a mechanism that enables you to manage negatives before customers post to an external site?
  9. Do you show your reviews to potential customers at point-of-sale?
  10. Do you use your reviews in your marketing (newsletters etc.)?
So - to follow the 'Cosmo' format...

Yes to:
  • Q. 1: You've been reviewed: you get a big pat on the back
  • Q. 2: You've been reviewed on Google: Another - bigger - pat on the back
  • Q. 3: You respond to reviews (on e.g TripAdvisor): 10 points
  • Q. 4: You respond to reviews (on Google): 10 points
  • Q. 5: You host verified reviews on your site: 10 points*
  • Q. 6: You have a formal mechanism to get your customers to post to a specialist site: 10 points*
  • Q. 7: You have a formal mechanism to get your customers to post to Google: 10 points*
  • Q. 8: You have a mechanism to manage negative comments: 10 points*
  • Q. 9: You show reviews at point-of-sale: 10 points
  • Q.10: You use reviews in your marketing: 10 points

Your score:

20-30: It's definitely a start, but there's still a long way to go
30-50: You are doing all you can without HelpHound
50+ You are definitely a client of ours!*

HelpHound Dialogue is currently the only integrated review management system that will enable you and your business to answer 'Yes' to all the questions above (and score a maximum 80 in this quiz). 

After reading reviews like this, do you think potential clients are a) 'more likely' or b) 'less likely' to use this business?

Simple to implement and to operate, Dialogue ensures our clients know with absolute certainty that they have a review management strategy in place that is comprehensive in its coverage as well as being as future-proof as possible.

*Points marked with an asterisk are (with very few exceptions) exclusive to HelpHound and our clients

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