Monday 13 April 2015

Another example of a well-known multiple getting it wrong

Get it here and you can't complain if it's not first class!

Sushi - twenty years ago the average Brit had never heard of it, now it's on every high street. We did a quick poll around the office and came up with the (very unscientific) result that we eat Sushi once a fortnight on average. That's a lot of sushi - and a huge incentive for a multiple with over 250 outlets serving sushi to get their product right. 

And - we have one right across the street. Unfortunately this is a member of staff's opinion (and she is reasonable and realistic in her expectations):

"Salmon and prawn OK, rice dry and stale - avocado hard - ginger woody and tasteless; tastes like it was made three or four days ago."

Luckily she's a HelpHound staffer, so she wouldn't dream of posting her opinion on Google (or TripAdvisor, or Yelp...), but she has told all of us. That's quite a lot of sushi not being sold every week. 

Our point

If the multiple was a HelpHound member, they would already know they had issues (or, in a more unlikely scenario, that they had one customer out of thousands who did not like their sushi). They would have invited their customers' opinions and they would have been told - in private. They could then address the quality/supplier issues (with hard evidence to hand). Job done. And we could all be eating their sushi.

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