Monday 13 April 2015

What does Dialogue™ say about your business?

Maybe more than at first meets the eye? Let's take the wording above phrase by phrase...
  1. 'We have partnered with HelpHound' : These are real reviews, not testimonials, so the conclusion to draw is that we are confident that our business is run so professionally that we are happy to have our clients' opinions effectively 'audited' by an independent outside body.
  2. 'You can be confident these reviews are genuine' : TripAdvisor, Yelp and some other prominent review sites have tarnished the concept of reviews, because it is possible to set up a false identity and write a review under that. Not so with HelpHound, all reviews (and reviewers) are verified before they are posted live on our clients' websites.
  3. 'Unfiltered opinions' : Dialogue expressly incorporates an automatic 'promise to publish' (see 5 below).
  4. 'Unbiased independent review service' : Some have levelled the accusation that 'HelpHound cannot be unbiased if it is being paid by the business', our response to that is that our reputation is more important to us (and all our clients) than that of any single client, so there is no amount of pressure that can be applied by one of our clients to 'bury' or otherwise filter out a negative review.
  5. 'Promise to publish' : If a negative review is written, it automatically enters HelpHound's Resolution™ system; the review is submitted to the business to give them an opportunity to resolve what ever issue(s) their customer has raised (99.7% of such cases have so far resulted in a positive outcome, for both parties). If the customer wishes to publish a final review after going through Resolution, they are entitled to do so. But remember that you (the business) have right-of-reply.
  6. 'Genuine clients' : Don't bother to even try and post a review if you are a competitor or disgruntled ex-member of staff; HelpHound will identify you and your review will be rejected. Absolutely and 100% certain.
  7. 'Real and reliable' : The key phrase; 'real' because we (and you) can promise there are no illegitimate reviews at all contained in your HelpHound module and 'reliable' because they are unfiltered: every client who wants to post a review gets to post a review.
So what does all this say about your business to your prospective customers? How about...
  • You are great at what you do: Only a truly professional business can possibly adopt Dialogue.
And therefore:
  • It sets you apart: from businesses who would find exposing themselves to such customer scrutiny an uncomfortable experience.
One of our clients said 'We want you to become the gold standard' and we couldn't agree more. All HelpHound client businesses are great businesses.


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