Tuesday 6 January 2015

Having 100% positive reviews

This is a screenshot of an actual client's rating - displayed on their website today

and this is a screenshot of their Google score

Dialogue is immensely effective - so effective that it often results in clients showing no negative reviews at all, on their own websites or on Google. This leads to an understandable question from our potential clients:

"Does this impinge on credibility?"

In order to answer this important question we would ask you, our reader, to put yourself in the position of a potential client of one of our clients, and ask them the self-same question, but this time be blunt:

"I have read the reviews on your website and they are great, but surely you must have some unhappy clients, why don't you show reviews from them?"

Now: our client's answer...

"If you go to write a review on our website you will see this:

"If you go to read reviews you will see this:

"HelpHound, who operate this system for us, promise to publish any review - any review at all - but first we have a chance to resolve whatever issue a client may have raised. The reason that we don't have negative reviews showing is not that we are perfect, but that we have a 100% track record (to date, at least!) of resolving any issues our clients have brought to our attention.

"Is that the kind of business you were looking for? Not one that claims to be perfect, but one that has a perfect track record of putting things right if and when they do go wrong?

We hope this addresses the issue of 'looking too good' for everyone.

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