Monday 7 July 2014

The 180 degree test - one of the easiest ways to decide if Dialogue is right for your business

Turning questions around (or even on their head) often works for us, so here we go with Dialogue for you, just try asking the following questions on behalf of your business...

  • Will we get less business by showing credible reviews on our website?
  • Will we get less enquiries by displaying verified customer opinions of our service?
  • Will we drive custom away by showing reviews to potential customers?
  • Are unverified testimonials as powerful as verified reviews?
  • Are our potential customers more interested in what we have to say about our business than what our existing customers have to say?
  • Should we be forcing our potential customers to look away from our own website to find credible opinions about our business?
  • Should we be ignoring *Google Places' potential to drive business our way?
  • Should we be running the risk that disgruntled customers will post reviews on *Google?

And ultimately...
  • If Dialogue has the potential to drive even one more customer a week/month (or even year, as will be the case with high value businesses like estate agency) through our doors, or enable us to charge £x more for our product or service, shouldn't we be trialling it?

*or TripAdvisor, or Yelp, or AllAgents, or whatever review site will most influence your potential customers (but please read this first).

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