Friday 19 October 2012

TripAdvisor - Playing the numbers game

This post is dryer than some, but we feel this subject is so important to clients that we would encourage you to persevere!

What do we mean by 'the numbers game'?

All review sites have algorithms. These are invariably secret (for good commercial reasons), but it important for us at HelpHound to do our very best to understand how they work. TripAdvisor's algorithm affects our clients. Here we will try and explain how:

TripAdvisors' algorithm is based on a formula which takes the total number of reviews for a hotel, factors in the hotel's size (basically the number of rooms) and then the proportion of the positives against the negatives. 

Let's address each of these in turn... 

  1. Total number: more = better for you. How do we know? We have compared hotels with exactly equivalent proportions of 'excellents' and so on, and the hotel with the most reviews wins
  2. Size: We know! You can't do anything about this. But you can punch above your weight: we know 50 bed hotels that manage to get more reviews than 200 bed hotels, and they're winning the size battle. We know hotels that get one review a day, we know some that hardly get one a month (and there's no excuse for that)!
  3. Positives/negatives: This is where Dialogue comes in - getting you positives and enabling you to manage negatives before they reach the web
So: to see your ranking rise:

  • Engage with your guests
  • Get as many reviews as possible
  • Ensure that your reviews are as good as can be 
'Simples' really (with Dialogue)

- as Aleksandr would say

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