Thursday 7 September 2023

Results, results, results!

In reporting Winkworth Plc's first half results, Dominic Agace, CEO said...

"Our business remains robust and our focus continues to be on providing a platform that can allow an independent business to compete as a top three contender in its local marketplace and, by doing so, ensuring a franchisee can generate a healthy return under differing market conditions.”

Now, far be it for HelpHound to take undue credit for its impact on the above, but perhaps a quick look at some of our members' positions in local search may show even the most cynical the impact professional review management can have on a business's online reputation (bear in mind there are commonly between 20-30 similar businesses in any given area covered by Google search in London)...

The key here? Moderation. Every single review posted to our members' websites is moderated - read by a professional moderator - before being published there with the reviewer then being automatically invited to copy the review to Google. This gives our members the confidence to invite reviews - compliantly - from all their stakeholders: current clients, past clients, potential clients and allow reviews from all those others who might otherwise be tempted to post direct to Google: property seekers, unsuccessful applicants and the like. In the secure knowledge that any reviews containing errors of fact or potentially misleading statements will be subject to moderation. 

From this small link all good things flow - a great score (on the business's own website and on Google - see above), backed up by great individual reviews and all in compliance with the CMA regulations (unlike so many of their competitors)

Every HelpHound member business is fully compliant with the law - the CMA regulations - which specifically state that a business must not hand-pick customers to invite to write reviews or control their timing. It must go a long way to explaining the longevity of our client relationships - read what some of them had to say back in 2017, words that hold good just as well today.

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