Friday 8 September 2023

HelpHound - the gateway to successful review management for your clients

Click here and you will be taken to the Full Monty: 'Review Management - a Guide for PR, Advertising and Marketing agencies- all of the detailed knowledge and experience of the last fourteen years of managing reviews for all kinds of businesses condensed into one article. 

What does it cover - in a nutshell? The key elements comprise the following three vital headings...

1.  What is HelpHound?

We are professional review managers. In the same way that you have built up experience and expertise in your own field, there is virtually nothing that we don't know about reviews - Google reviews, review sites like Trustpilot and Yelp and Feefo, the way consumers - and patients and clients - react when invited to write a review, the chances of a review harming your business, the likelihood of your business, or your clients' businesses, benefitting from review management in hard cash terms, we know just about all of it (and if we don't we surely know someone who does).

2.  Results

This client had two - 2 - Google reviews when they joined...

...and none at all of their own on their website

There is a yawning chasm between 'It's nice to have a great Google score backed up by hundreds of 5* reviews' and the hard numbers. We focus on those numbers: the uplift in calls and clicks through search combined with the reduction in factually inaccurate, potentially misleading and just plain unfair reviews posted - anywhere. And the increase in value per customer - all are covered in the main article.


These are not our numbers - they are taken directly from Google's monthly report to our client

To give you a taster: most clients new to proper professional review management see upifts in clicks and calls through search in the region of 15 to 30 percent, depending on the business's starting point.

3.  Compliance and moderation
Review compliance is currently where parking compliance was thirty years ago: there are rules but they're not being enforced. This has lead to businesses flouting the CMA's two core regulations: no cherry-picking and no gating (simply put: a business is not allowed - by law - to choose which of its customers to invite to write reviews or to pre-qualify those customers before inviting them to write reviews). The only way most businesses are confident in inviting reviews and complying with those regulations is if they find a moderated review management system - a way of ensuring that inaccurate, misleading or plain unfair reviews are highly unlikely to ever see the light of day.

That third point  - finding a moderated system - is a tricky one unless you happen to find HelpHound. We invented review moderation back in the noughties and we remain the only review manager to incorporate it into our system. It is absolutely integral to the success of our clients' engagement with reviews.

So back to the first line - either click here to read the main article or call us on 020 7100-2233 to arrange to meet.

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