Monday 20 March 2017

HelpHound made simple - for Estate Agents

There are now over 600 articles on this blog (it's the nature of blogs - just like newspapers, we have to repeat articles - updating as we go). Time to make things simple. 

We are going to limit ourselves to five points. For those who would like to mine deeper we will give relevant links below each point.

Here we go...

Point 1
  • Reviews are read and are believed. Scores do matter. Everyone searching on Google sees reviews - every time they search. Your business needs to properly engage with them. Good professional review management will earn your business money - we guarantee it.
Don't be one of the ever-reducing number of agencies that doesn't believe in the power of reviews. We'll hold your hand. And we promise you will never look back.

Understanding the consumer journey with reviews.

See what these HelpHound clients have to say. To be honest, if you read this you probably won't need to read much further!

Point 2
  • Negative reviews hurt. Just ask any of the agencies that first contacted us when they needed help with one.
Ouch! - the telephone stopped ringing. That's how powerful a single negative review can be. Read this from back in 2015 - still as valid today as the day it was written.

Our Resolution™ mechanism reduces the likelihood of an unfair, inaccurate or misleading review ever seeing the light of day.
Point 3
  •  You need reviews where your potential clients will see them. That means on...
    • your own site
    • Google
    • Facebook
This is what your agency should look like (scroll to the end of this article); just imagine your main competitor looks like this, that sometimes helps.

Point 4 
  • Review sites are over. Like dinosaurs, they won't die out overnight, but Google has been the nearest thing to a meteor strike - or was it an ice age - in the world of reviews. See point 3 above.
Look at what has happened to some agents who have adopted the review site solution.

Look at what's been happening to review sites' share prices. They tell the story.

Look at the plethora of review sites estate agents have been promised the earth by since 2010.

Point 5
  • Don't cut corners and attempt to do-it-yourselves. It may work for weeks, or even months, but it will end in pain.
And it won't even save you money. What could possibly go wrong? Read 'DIY, the biggest cause of ...injury'

In summary

We are sure you get our drift by now. Professional review management works. We are so confident of this that we are now offering a full money-back guarantee. 

So - finally - look what some of our clients said recently about our service. And see what we have done for them.

Take us up on it - become like them - now - guaranteed!

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