Friday 17 March 2017

Your reviews show - in every search

It is so important that your reviews are just that - YOUR reviews. So much value is lost if they link through to any other site than your own.

Here's an example of a common search result...

  Not only heading the 3-pack - but above it as well!

Now the 'business specific' search:

The initial impression is great - everywhere the customer looks - in natural search, the Google reviews, the 'Reviews from the web' and rich snippets

Now let's track the reviews:
  • From the link in the organic search results (top left):
  • From the Google reviews (in the knowledge box, top right)
  • From 'Reviews from the web' in the knowledge box

Organic search:

From this...

To this....

  Straight through to the business's own site - with the independently verified reviews right there, a glance away from the business's contact mechanisms

Google reviews:

From this...

To this....

Great reviews, a great score, and impressive responses from the business. A click and the potential client is back to the search results and contact details

Reviews from the web: 

From this (on the left)...

To this....

 Again: straight through to the business's website

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