Friday 8 November 2013

HelpHound at the Negotiator - the Risks and Rewards of Reviews

A very full day on Tuesday, with Karen and Gabriella on our stand meeting clients and prospective clients and our CEO Robin Bruce speaking about 'the Risks and Rewards of Reviews'...

Daniella and Karen await the surge!

Here's a brief synopsis of Robin's presentation:
  • Like it or not (and you should like it) your potential clients are looking for reviews
  • So you should be serving them on your website
  • Testimonials are so 2010 - they lack credibility
  • You must have a strategy for managing negative comment
  • Reviews must be verified and credible
  • Don't link to external sites - return rates are very low
  • Whatever system you adopt it must be moderated - so you can manage negatives
Visitors to our stand and the questions at the end of Robin's presentation showed a far greater awareness of the power of consumer comment to drive business - both towards and away from their businesses - than at last year's Conference.

If you would like more detail on any of the above please contact Karen - on or 020 7100-2233

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