Tuesday 26 November 2013

It's the individual comments that drive business to your door

Here we look at the individual headlines on two of our client's Dialogue modules. Why? Because it's those headlines, combined with the comments below then, that drive business through their doors; giving prospective clients (for estate agency) and guests (for hotels) the confidence to pick up the phone to make an appointment or book a room...

Here are the last 10 headlines for an estate agent client:
  • 'Professionalism above and beyond anything their peers can offer'
  • 'A well managed process'
  • 'Personal and professional service. Highly recommended'
  • 'An unparallelled experience'
  • 'Very impressed with Paul's service'
  • 'Outstanding service'
  • 'Professional and friendly'
  • 'Very happy'
  • 'Impeccable service - highly recommended'
  • 'Excellent professional service'

And the for a hotel client: 
  • 'Really fine hotel'
  • 'Highly recommended'
  • 'Thoroughly recommended'
  • 'Excellent hotel'
  • A***** service'
  • 'Lovely place, lovely people'
  • 'A very comfortable stay'
  • 'A good choice'
  • 'Definitely recommended'
  • 'Perfect!'

Of course, the individual reviews support those headlines, but we feel that the headlines alone convey the right message and impression for anyone considering using either business.

The key question is: "having read those headlines (and the reviews below them), how many more would you need to see (and would you need to consult any other websites) before contacting (the estate agent) or booking (the hotel)?"

Dialogue: Driving business for our clients

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