Saturday 9 November 2013

Estate Agents - looking forward to 2014

Building on Proven Success

2013 Has been the year that Dialogue proved its effectiveness for our estate agent clients. More than that, it has been the year that those clients helped us (and each other) understand just how to maximise that effectiveness.

Back at the beginning of 2012, building on our experience with the hospitality industry, we expected that the management of our estate agent clients' online reputations would be a big part of the value we would add; what we did not foresee was the direct effect it would have on driving new business. 2013 has been the year that proved...
  • credible reviews drive enquiries through agents websites
  • they are an invaluable aid to conversion
  • they are an invaluable aid to client retention
On top of this we have gained valuable experience in maximising response from our members' clients, so crucial when volumes of business are far from their peak.

Come aboard!

More than ever before, the facts, results and our clients' opinions of Dialogue speak for themselves. So we will be continuing our policy of ‘no contract’ for the first six months of membership up until 1 Jan 2014 - enabling you to test and prove Dialogue for your agency with the minimum of risk. Join now and see the results blossom in the spring!

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