Tuesday 21 May 2024

HelpHound enables great businesses to look great

Even really great businesses have some not-so-great customers. And that's why HelpHound exists. We cannot make a bad business look good, but we can make sure a good business looks great. 

How and why? 

The only way (and believe us when we say we've seen a hatfull solutions fall by the wayside since Google introduced reviews in 2007) is by moderating every single review to the business's own website and then helping them get the resulting accurate reviews across to Google.

Moderation involves reading every single review, correcting any bad grammar or obvious spelling mistakes, referring back to the reviewer if there are any factual errors or potentially misleading statements in the review (those help no one - certinly not the business under review or the reader relying on the review to choose a business) and then seeing the resulting 'clean' review posted to the business's own website and onwards to Google.

A great presence on Google drives enquiries

A score of 4.8+ and 100+ Google reviews will ensure your business makes everyone's shortlist. If you have any doubts, we have one piece of advice: try HelpHound and see. Read this first, it will give you even more confidence to do so.

This was posted on Linkedin by a client of ours this week...

While we know the owners, management and staff well, one would have to be cynical in the extreme not to think that the following has nothing to do with their success...

And the business has well over 600 reviews of their own* on their own website.

When they joined HelpHound? 4 reviews on Google and none on their own website.

We rest our case.

*Of their own: we all know just how valuable data is these days. It's an asset on most business's balance sheets. And reviews contain hugely valuable data. Don't give it away lightly, especially not to review sites.

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