Saturday 12 August 2023

Using AI/Chat GPT to respond to reviews

So many businesses neglect to respond to reviews - their own or those on Google. We nag away - as regular readers of this blog will know - but often we are faced with 'too busy' or 'other priorities get in the way', so we thought we would see whether AI could possibly help.

So let's take some real-life examples and see what Chat GPT comes up with (and add a few pointers of our own). 

Here's what we asked Chat GPT:

And here is Chat GPT's suggested response:


  1. We gave Chat GPT no other instruction(s)
  2. Chat GPT's response took just over 1 second
  3. The business can edit Chat GPT's suggested response before posting it to Google
  4. There is currently no 'English English' version of Chat GPT, so you will need to correct American English - apologize etc. - aside from that Chat GPT's vocabulary and grammar is often better than some of the responses we see currently!

Here's another, this time for a firm of solicitors:

And for a 5* review (of a medical practice)?

Our conclusion

Of course, in an ideal world, we would have 100% of our clients responding to every review within 24 hours of it being posted, even if only to thank the reviewer for taking the trouble, but in cases where there would otherwise be no response at all, we think that AI may well have a role to play.

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