Monday 26 September 2022

Partner with HelpHound

Here are the reasons we think you should partner with us. And when we say 'partner' we mean a partnership of equals - we share all our revenues with our partners. Unlike the dictionary definition above, where only the profits are shared!

1.  Free Membership for your business - then a significant income stream

By introducing just two businesses you effectively gain free membership for your own business.

And that's just the beginning - by introducing more than four businesses a year (that's just one every three months!) HelpHound Partners begin to earn a significant income stream. Extra revenue for your business for no input bar the introduction - you earn the gratitude of the referred business and earn an income for your business at the same time - and we all help each other in these troubled times.

2.   Thanks from the businesses you introduce

Referrals or introductions, call them what you will, almost always involve some element of risk for the referring business. Not so in the case of HelpHound: our members never fail to see their online image improve. 

Any business you introduce will...


    • look more impressive on their own website

    • look more impressive in Google searches - how much do you think a competitor would value being in the position Winkworth in Blackheath finds itself in here?
    • increase its Google score by between 0.2 and 0.5 on Google 
    • be compliant with CMA regulations - most businesses are currently in breach - knowingly or unwittingly - where reviews are concerned
    • support its SEO - it's no accident that Winkworth Blackheath lead local search in the example above
    • show stars in local search; the five gold stars next to the rating of 4.9 and the '247 votes' above are not Google stars, they're taken directly from the business's own reviews on its own website (as you can see if you compare both screenshots or perform these searches for yourself)
    • drive revenue up - measurably, as a direct result of their HelpHound membership

3.  No downside

None whatsoever. Except our membership fee, of course. But then they can even negate that by becoming a partner in their turn.

What kind of business is best suited to becoming a HelpHound Partner?

The simple answer is 'any business at all'. We will never turn away a prospective client or partner, but those businesses best suited to generating significant revenue through a HelpHound Partnership are those that already have an advisory relationship with their clients, those in...
  • advertising
  • any sales or marketing enterprise - estate agency is an obvious example
  • public relations
  • web services
  • legal services
  • financial services - accountancy being the most obvious
  • insurance
...we're sure you get the drift. The sort of business where the client will not be surprised when asked, 'Would you like an introduction to a business that will help you look even better than you currently do in Google searches?'

Of course, the best possible introduction is 'Would you like to know how our business got to look so great (whilst complying with the law)?' So, if you are reading this and are not already a member then that's the first step. But the day after you join there's nothing to stop you from introducing your first partner business.

Welcome to HelpHound Partnership - where everyone benefits.

And finally... the mechanics

Simply send an email to your business contact along these lines, copying in

'We use HelpHound to maximise our review management without losing sleep, it's the only safe - and legal - way of having all our hard work and great customer service reflected in our Google score as well as the underlying reviews. I'm dropping you this line to introduce them to you.'

And we'll take over from there. The next thing you will see is a credit from HelpHound against your own membership fee.

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