Friday 10 September 2021

Two important success stories

First: here is an extract from a comment made on Property Industry Eye (the full article reporting on Winkworth Plc's latest results can be found here):

'In a number of areas in London and outer boroughs where they [Winkworth] go head to head with Foxtons they put them to shame picking up the higher ticket sales. Foxtons inflexibility on fee charges no doubt helping.

 In Blackheath, for example, the difference is staggering: according to ZPL [Zoopla, the property portal] where the value of stock either U/O [under offer] or SSTC [sold subject to contract] is 7 times higher.

Sales inventory 124!
U/O or SSTC: 67.
Total Value of which £49m+
Average Asking  Price £746,000

Sales inventory 44

U/O or SSTC 13.

Total Value of which c £6.2m.

Average Asking Price £442,000  
In Putney the quality of stock listed, there is a huge discrepancy on pricing
Foxtons: Average asking price £627,590.  Winkworths £1,573,000 .

Now, we are the first to agree that there are many factors leading to anyone's final choice of estate agent (or any other professional service, for that matter): personal recommendation, the chemistry between individuals, local marketing and PR etc. But just take a moment to see what Winkworth Blackheath and Winkworth Putney look like in Google search and then on their own websites:

First in the Google 3-pack and leading organic search - in a marketplace full of competitors. On top of that? Stars and ratings taken direct by Google from the reviews hosted on their own website helping the business really stand out from the crowd.

Again: leading organic search - with stars and rating. And you might be surprised just how many consumers think, wrongly, that Google ranks businesses in these local searches, but who are we - or Winkworth - to argue?

The Google knowledge panel: where Google sources all of the information it needs on a business. 145 Google reviews, the majority of which have been copied to Google having first been posted on the business's website - and moderated by HelpHound to ensure they are as factually accurate as possible (a crucial element of any business's review management, often undervalued as long as a business is lucky enough to avoid a 'killer review' but never again once the business sees moderation in action). And those 'Reviews from the web'? Yes, they're sourced by Google from the business's own website.

Put yourself, just for the time it takes to read these two reviews - shown directly in your eye-line on the business's home page - Winkworth Blackheath, Winkworth Putney - in the position of a potential client of either of these two businesses.

And then add in this extraordinary testimonial (full article - including estimates of increased earnings for the business - here):

Now, don't you think there may possibly be value added by HelpHound (especially given that membership costs less per month than just one Linkedin professional account)?

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