Friday 14 May 2021

Trustpilot or Google - where does the value lie?

Following on from Trustpilot v. HelpHound this article is illustrated with an example of why we focus our clients' efforts on Google. In today's Times we found the following article...

Including this...

So we searched for Latus Health, and it is those search results that make the watertight case for businesses to focus on Google reviews. Here's the basic search...

And here right below the main search...

And where are Trustpilot's reviews of Latus Health to be found? 14 (on page 2 in a desktop search and requiring a searcher to click on 'more results' on mobile):

Now, if you were Latus Health, which reviews, Google's or Trustpilot's, would be concerning you most? More importantly, suppose you were a great business wanting exposure through reviews, which would you choose?


Google reviews should form the core and bedrock of every business's review management strategy.


If your current review strategy is focussed on a review site, be that Trustpilot or Feefo or any of the smaller sites you should be seriously considering switching to a Google-focussed strategy.

This doesn't necessarily mean walking away from your reviews on those sites, or the effort you have put in to generate them, but it will involve a complete reassessment of the way you and your staff have been approaching reviews up until now.

From now on

Your strategy will be dictated by the answer to the following questions:

1.  'Is your business vulnerable to inaccurate or potentially misleading reviews?'

If the answer is 'No' - you can simply begin inviting customers to post reviews straight to Google today.

If the answer is 'Yes' - or even 'Perhaps' - you should be speaking to us.

2.  'Is your business in a competitive market.'

If the answer is 'No': again, begin inviting your customers to write reviews to Google.

If the answer is 'Yes' and you need to have every possible advantage over your competitors, in terms of your ranking in local search, hosting reviews on your own website and boosting your SEO - you should be speaking to us.

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