Thursday 18 June 2020

Reviews: a business adopts entirely the wrong solution

Review solutions are sold not bought. And one of the biggest 'sellers' currently in the marketplace is Trustpilot. Here is a how business that was sold their reviews solution looks on the worlds biggest search engine:

The second screenshot shows how a business with NO reviews at all on Google returns when a prospective customer hits the 'Reviews' tab so prominently displayed in the first search box.

And here they are on Trustpilot:

What a shame. When they could be looking this good on the biggest search engine in the world (see screenshot below).

Businesses owe it to themselves to do some homework before investing in any marketing tool. A simple Google search would elicit the following:

And there's much more here.

But the main horror story is the fact that the business has missed one of the greatest opportunities to get the message out there for those searching for reassurance to buy its products: Google. 

Our advice to this business?

Refocus your efforts towards Google. Apart from being the world's shop window it's free! For a fraction of the price of Trustpilot you could easily add some professional review management - which would take an unbiased look at the right review strategy for your business. If you had consulted us you would now be looking like this:

Our advice to Trustpilot?

If you carry on 'selling' your solution irrespective of the target business's needs not only will you garner even more negative reviews on Google and all over the web, you will continue being attacked by consumer programmes like Joe Lycett on Channel 4 last month and ultimately gain a reputation that contradicts your name.

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