Monday 11 March 2019

There's only one way to prove HelpHound will work for your business

And that's by doing it!

We can show you it working for our other clients - any of our other clients. And we can put you in touch with them so you can get their feedback first hand (just ask). And we can show you the numbers for a client who was gracious enough to share theirs the month after they joined...

But, at the end of the day, the only sure-fire test will be to do it for yourselves.

There's only one barrier - cost*, but given that the set-up costs plus the first three months' fees (by which time you will know for sure that HelpHound is driving new business) are likely to come in at less then £500, is there any significant risk?

*free trials? No. For the simple reason that we are not a widget driven solution like the reviews sites. We will need to be on hand - on the end of the phone or in person - for every day of those first three months to ensure that HelpHound is an unmitigated success for your business, and that will involve dedicated professionals providing very high quality advice (again: just ask any other client).

And finally...

Already got a solution? If you are 'doing-it-yourselves' (commonly by inviting happy customers to write a review direct to Google) you are inevitably in contravention of the CMA regulations - read more here - but, much more importantly you will be missing out on some of the most important benefits of professional review management. Wonder how the business above ranks so high in local search, and looks so good (stars etc.)? It's partly because Google loves businesses that host reviews on their own websites.

Using an independent reviews site? You may have noticed that some very big names have dropped these sites recently. Why? The answer is twofold: first, some of these sites are non-compliant with the CMA regulations and second, because they simply do not achieve what they promise. For further information on this subject, or on anything else reviews-related, please speak to us or read this article.

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