Monday 26 February 2018

Reviews - one of the most powerful PR tools there is

Reviews and Public Relations

Whether you conduct your business’s public relations in-house or contract it out to an agency, it is important to see reviews and review management as an integral part of your relationship with your customers, both existing and future.  

It is also important to realise that reviews of your business, especially Google reviews, will be used as a primary source by journalists, bloggers and vloggers alike.

It is so easy for your customers’ reviews to contradict the image that you put so much effort into promoting and maintaining. It is equally easy to harness the power of your happy customers – by turning them into brand advocates through the medium of reviews, it just takes a positive attitude and some know-how. 

A powerful resource

 Any PR messages here? You bet! And these are just two of over sixty similar stories on Google and 150 on the business's own website

A positive presence in reviews makes for a massively credible voice in support of all your public relations and marketing efforts. 

Remember testimonial marketing – that built brands such as Pears Soap and Coca Cola? – reviews are the new testimonials. 

The first impression 

Every search made by a potential customer delivers reviews. Like this…

…or like this…

A measurable impact 

Google reports the impact of reviews, every month, like this…

…so it’s not a case of ‘hit and hope’, you will have proof positive, one way or the other.

Wherefore HelpHound?

HelpHound exists for two reasons: first, to enable businesses to display independently verified reviews on their own websites, like this…

…and, just as importantly, to provide moderation between business and consumer pre-publication, so the likelihood of reviews containing misleading or inaccurate information is minimised, for the benefit of both business and consumer. 

The next step

Speak to Fiona Christie or Karen Hutchings and they will happily discuss the myriad ways reviews can be incorporated into your business's PR strategy.

Oh! And one other important benefit - we'll make sure everything you do is compliant with the CMA rules!

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