Wednesday 14 February 2018

Greene & Co - just when you thought a business could not look any better!

One of our main roles at HelpHound is to ensure that our clients are always using reviews to their very best advantage, throughout the course of their membership - and many of you will have followed the evolution of Greene & Co since they joined HelpHound.

Here's a reminder of what a Google search looked like when they joined: 

And here are those three locations today:

Their remaining six that did not feature in a Google search on 'Greene & Co' back then look very similar

Against their competitors?

On their own website?

Remember that many potential customers will by-pass Google - it is important to host independently verified reviews on your own website...

 ...and it is these reviews that Google uses to allocate a star rating and score in organic search, to be seen by everyone searching on your business...

 ...and to deliver 'Reviews from the web' in your Google knowledge panel - linking straight to your website...


 Every Greene & Co branch has this button on their website - ensuring anyone can write a review at any time

And all this achieved in compliance with the relevant regulations (which expressly forbid hand-picking 'happy' customers to write reviews). We estimate that less than one in ten estate agencies currently comply with the CMA regulations - which have the force of law.


Results used to be anecdotal (verbal feedback from clients) - but now new clients can be immediately reassured when they see the uplift in calls and visits to their website because it will be reported to you by Google. Here is Curchod's Google report after they joined last year:

We have used this Curchods Google My Business report as Google only began sending them out last September - too late to prove the uplift for Greene & Co, but great proof for any business joining from now on

N.B. Without these results reviews and review management in any form are pure window dressing. We see marketing from the independent reviews sites every day which focuses on everything but results like these. Using an independent reviews site can backfire on the business by making them look worse on Google. For more on this subject read this article.

In summary

A typical Greene & Co Google knowledge panel, with a great score and star rating, the rich snippets are all positive with Google highlighting important trigger words; and 508 reviews on their own site just a click away

Greene & Co, by embracing the opportunities presented to them since joining HelpHound...
  • look great on Google - great scores and credible numbers of reviews
  • look great on their own website - with credible independently verified reviews there
  • look great in any search on their business name and location
  • look great in any local search
  • look great in organic search - with a great star rating and score for every location
  • look great in the Google knowledge panel - with great Google reviews, great rich snippets and great 'Reviews from the web'
  • look great against their competitors in any search
...all essential if a business is to compete effectively in today's marketplace.

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