Wednesday 7 September 2016

TripAdvisor - is their incentive a reaction to Google?

TripAdvisor are now offering your guests a £20 Amazon gift card if they write a review. 


As review managers our only loyalty is to our clients - who will ultimately be paying for this. We are inclined to think that this is a reaction to the increased traction Google are getting in the hotel reviews space.

So dominant in the world of hotel reviews for so long, TripAdvisor are becoming increasingly marginalised in almost all kinds of search for hotels and restaurants.

Google - on the other hand - have gained critical mass in terms of the numbers of reviews in popular centres and are making the most of their dominant position in search.

   Consumers have traditionally visited TripAdvisor to read reviews and see candid photos. With reviews and photos in numbers (which was not the case even a year ago)  - and a completely dominant position in search - many potential guests are satisfied with Google's offering now


Over the last year Google have massively refined their offering for those searching online for hotels. Adding features such as the Filter:

And 'Top Rated':

Our advice?

Consider very carefully where you would like your guests to be posting their reviews.  As Google becomes more sophisticated, so review management becomes an essential weapon in the professional hoteliers' armoury; helping you deflect negative reviews away from the public gaze and maximising positive comment on sites that matter.

HelpHound clients  

A HelpHound client should expect 25% more positive reviews on their agreed target sites (usually TripAdvisor and Google) and 75% less negatives across the board (on TripAdvisor, Google, and all the OTAs that carry reviews).

As your professional review managers you have full-time access to a team that stays abreast of developments in the reviews space. If you are ever in doubt about strategy just speak to your HelpHound consultant.

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