Monday 22 August 2016

Google FILTER for estate agents - it's here!

Don't say we didn't warn you! This weekend Google enabled its filter - until now only applying to hotels and restaurants - for estate agents. Not for all agents, not for all searches - yet.

  It is now even more important to a) have more than 5 Google reviews and b) score more than 4.0 - try this search for yourself with the filter applied and see how Savills St Johns Wood disappears (even though they are advertising)

Here's the same search with the filter applied (you can see it on the left just under the blue search box). Of course the logical solution for Google and consumers - if not for all businesses - is to automate the 4 star filter for all searches, allowing users to opt out rather than in. We await this development!

Don't be caught napping. As soon as consumers spot it, they will set it at 4 stars - why would they chose any other?

If any of your branches have less than five reviews or score less than 4.0 you are:
  • going to be filtered out of search altogether 
  • not a client of ours!
We will keep you updated as the filter rolls out, but if you have yet to address this issue our firm advice is to do so immediately. Those businesses with few reviews should not relax completely - the extension of this logic is to apply the filter to businesses with less than 10 say, or less than 20; it's all about Google adding value in search.

Oh - and our next prediction? That Google will rank businesses in order of their scores. It's obvious when you think about it - what do consumers want from Google in any given local search? The best business, not just a random list. Watch this space!

An important PS: 

Never mind the Google Filter - which would you prefer your business to look like?

Ultimately the solution is very simple: do as Greene & Co have done - then your business will be ready for all eventualities - filter - ranking - scoring - whatever Google throw at you, now and in the future.

To see an article written expressly for businesses that have no - or less than 5 - Google reviews, click here.


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