Tuesday 22 September 2015

What does your membership of HelpHound say about your business?

We expend thousands of words on this blog showing you what effect membership will have on your business, but what about your customers. What effect does Dialogue™ have on them?

First, there are two key places most of you show your membership - on your module:

And in the header of your reviews:

And some of you expand on this:

So what important messages does this transmit to your customers? Here are the basics:
  1. That you invite comments from all your customers
  2. That any customer can write a review at any time
  3. That you display all those reviews for everyone to see
But, more importantly, what does this say to your potential customer about your business?
  • The key message you are transmitting is that you are sufficiently confident about the way your business conducts itself to expose it to ongoing and constant scrutiny
How attractive is this to your prospective customer? Everyone knows that no business is perfect, but equally everyone wants to choose a business that is as near as possible perfect for them. How reassuring for them to find dozens, if not hundreds, of reviews, the overwhelming majority of which are positive and informative? 

How reassuring is the content of those reviews when it addresses the the very issues of most concern to them?

How reassuring for them to find that your business has no way of suppressing negative comments and is therefore being entirely open and honest in its dealings with both existing and potential customers?

How much would you like to do business with a HelpHound client?

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